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Map & Sites of Elizabethan Theatres

Picture of the Globe Theatre

Picture of the Globe Theatre

Interesting Facts and Information about the Sites of Elizabethan Theatres
The sites of the Elizabethan Theatres includes those of the following theatres - Elizabethan Inn-yards, Playhouses and the great amphitheatres. Click on any of the following links for additional information, including some interesting pictures, of these important Elizabethan Theatres.

Map & Sites of Elizabethan Theatres
The following map dates back to the time of Shakespeare's London. Elizabethan Theatres were a booming business with considerable profits to be made. This map of the London Elizabethan Theatres allows the viewer to gain a good insight to the location of the famous theatres and their location to each other.

Map displaying sites of Elizabethan Theatres

Picture of a Map showing the sites of Elizabethan Theatres in London

Sites of London Elizabethan Theatres
Elizabethan Amphitheatres
The Theatre
Newington Butts Theatre
Curtain Elizabethan Theatre
Rose Elizabethan Theatre
Swan Elizabethan Theatre
Fortune Elizabethan Theatre
Boars Head Elizabethan Theatre
Red Bull Elizabethan Theatre
Bear Garden
Bull Ring
Hope Elizabethan Theatre
Elizabethan Playhouses
Paul's Playhouse
Blackfriars Playhouse
The Cockpit
Salisbury Court Playhouse
Gray's Inn Theatre Playhouse
Middle Temple Inn Theatre Playhouse
Whitehall Playhouse Theatre
Whitefriars Theatre Playhouse
Inn Yards
Bull Inn
Bell Savage Inn
Cross Keys Inn
Bell Inn
White Hart Inn
George Inn

Facts and information about Elizabethan Theatres
The additional links provide facts and information about the different types of Elizabethan Theatres in London:

Elizabethan Amphitheatre
Elizabethan Playhouses
Elizabethan Inn-Yards
Elizabethan Theatre
Elizabethan Era Index

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