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(Black) Bull Inn

Picture of the Black Bull Inn

Picture of the Black Bull Inn

(Black) Bull InnThe Bull Inn - Elizabethan Theatre
The known facts about the Bull Inn, which was used as one of the venues for early English Elizabethan Theatre, are as follows:

  • London Location of the Bull Inn - Bishopsgate

  • Elizabethan plays were performed in the courtyards of the Bull Inn - 1576 - 1594
  • The Bull Inn was a popular title for many other Elizabethan London Inns
  • The Elizabethan Acting Troupes would negotiate with the owner, or vintner, of the Bull Inn in order to stage a performance at the Bull Inn
  • The Cobbled Courtyard of the Bull Inn was the site of Elizabethan plays - a temporary stage would be erected on trestles
  • People who wanted to watch the plays at the Bull Inn were charged a small fee as they entered the courtyard - they had to pay extra if they wanted a view from the balcony.
  • In 1574 the City of London started regulating the Inn-yard activities which lead to the development of the covered Playhouses and the open Amphitheatres and the ultimate replacement of the Inn-yards for venues of Elizabethan plays and theatres.

Bull Inn - Interesting Facts and Information about Inn- Yard Elizabethan Theatres
Interesting Facts and information about the Bull Inn Elizabethan Theatre

  • Name of this type of Elizabethan Theatre taken directly from the yard of an Inn
  • Elizabethan plays were performed in the cobbled courtyard of the Bull Inn
  • The Queen's Men theatrical troupe performed at the Black Bull Inn during the 16th century
  • Audience capacity of an Elizabethan Inn-Yard - up to 500
  • There was gambling and even bear baiting in some of the Inn-yards
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