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Elizabethan Music - Elizabethan Wind Instruments

The collection of Elizabethan Wind instruments included the musical instruments from the Medieval period together with the musical instruments which emerged during the Elizabethan era. There were many Wind Elizabethan Musical Instruments.

Wind instruments  Wind instruments consist of a tube containing a column of air which is set into vibration by the player blowing into, or over, a mouthpiece set into the end of the tube. The pitch is determined by the length of the tube and hence the length of the vibrating column of air. The following list of Elizabethan Wind instruments is not exhaustive but contains the majority of the wind category of Instruments:

  • The Flute - A high-pitched musical instrument, held horizontally by the player and played by blowing across a hole
  • The Trumpet - Long instrument made of metal, often in four parts
  • The Pipe - The pipe is a simple instrument usually having only three melody holes
  • The Shawm - The shawm was a reed instrument with vent holes - a predecessor to the hautboy
  • Recorder - The recorder is a simple instrument with melody holes
  • The Bagpipe - The Bagpipe was an ancient instrument, used by the poorest people and was made using a goat or sheep skin and a reed pipe
  • The Crumhorn - The crumhorm (Curved Horn) was introduced in the 15th century as a double reed musical instrument
  • The Gemshorn - The gemshorn was made of an ox born as a flute-like musical instrument
  • The Lizard - An s-shaped horn
  • The Hautboy - A wind instrument, sounded through a reed, similar to the modern oboe
  • The Sackbutt - an ancestor of the modern trombone

Elizabethan Wind Instruments
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