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Suitors of Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen

Queen Elizabeth I was associated with many suitors throughout her life. The daughter of King Henry VIII and the fascinating Anne Boleyn was perhaps destined to become involved with a series of different men and suitors. As a woman Queen Elizabeth I revelled in the attention and adulation.

But she was never really prepared to give up her power as the sole sovereign of England. Elizabeth was associated with English courtiers and foreign Kings and Princes. But she never married and throughout history would be referred to as the Virgin Queen.

The Suitors of Queen Elizabeth I ( 1533 - 1603)
The main suitors of Queen Elizabeth I include the following men:

  • 1534 Duke of Angoulme (third son of Francis I)
  • 1544 Prince Philip of Spain (King Philip II)
  • 1547 Sir Thomas Seymour
  • 1553 Edward Courtenay
  • 1554 Emanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy
  • 1554 Prince Frederick of Denmark
  • 1556 Prince Eric of Sweden
  • 1556 Don Carlos (son of King Philip II)
  • 1559 King Philip II
  • 1559 Sir William Pickering
  • 1559 James Hamilton, Earl of Arran
  • 1559 Henry Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel
  • 1559 Lord Robert Dudley
  • 1560 King Eric XVI of Sweden
  • 1560 Duke of Holstein
  • 1560 King Charles IX of France
  • 1560 Henry de Valois, Duke of Anjou
  • 1563 Lord Darnley
  • 1568 Archduke Charles of Austria
  • 1570 Henry Duke of Anjou
  • 1572 Francois, Duke of Alencon later Anjou

Queen Elizabeth I was also closely associated with a variety of English courtiers including Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Christopher Hatton, Sir Thomas Heneage and Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex.

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