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Interesting Facts and Information about Queen Elizabeth I and Lord Robert Dudley

  • Elizabeth and Robert Dudley were life-long friends - and possibly lovers.
  • Robert Dudley, who was a close childhood friend of Elizabeth

  • In 1550 Pricess Elizabeth attended the marriage ceremony between Robert Dudley and heiress Amy Robsart.

  • On March 18, 1554 Princess Elizabeth was imprisoned in the Tower of London after being implicated in the Wyatt rebellion. Robert Dudley was also in the Tower at the same time. Robert Dudley was about the same age as Elizabeth when he was sent to the Tower of London (21 years old). He was dashing, handsome, intelligent and reckless. Her close proximity to her childhood friend, Robert Dudley, may well have been some comfort to Elizabeth during this terrifying time.

  • On Saturday 19 May 1554 Elizabeth was released from the Tower of London, but continued to be held under house arrest at Woodstock for some time.

  • Robert was eventually released from the Tower of London on 18 October 1554 and Robert Dudley was pardoned by Queen Mary on 22 January 1555.

  • Queen Mary I dies on November 17, 1558 and Elizabeth was proclaimed Queen of England.

  • Robert Dudley became a favourite of Elizabeth who she created the Earl of Leicester.

  • 1558 Robert Dudley, Elizabeth's court favorite is named to the privy council

  • Queen Elizabeth expected all her courtiers to be proficient in dancing. The handsome Christopher Hatton was well known as one of the most accomplished dancers who the Queen admired. Her admiration of Christopher Hatton led to jealous fits from Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester. Dudley was also a fine dancer and a wealthy patron of many Elizabethan composers and musicians.

  • September 8, 1560: The wife of Robert Dudley, Amy Robsart, is found dead at the foot of the stairs in her home, Cumnor Place, Oxford. Queen Elizabeth banished Robert Dudley from court for fear of being implicated in his wife's death

  • 1575: Kenilworth Castle was owned by the Queen's favorite courtier, Robert Dudley. Dudley spent a fortune on preparing the castle for the visit of the Queen - he intended to impress her and no expense was spared.

  • September 21, 1578: Robert Dudley secretly marries Lady Lettice Knollys, at Wanstead. Queen Elizabeth was furious with Robert Dudley but she eventually forgave him.

  • December 8, 1585 - Robert Dudley leads the English army to fight the Spanish forces who are occupying the Netherlands

  • September 4, 1588 - Lord Robert Dudley dies

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