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Short Biography of the life of Orlando Gibbons - Composer and Musician
The following biography information provides basic facts about the life Orlando Gibbons:

  • Nationality - English
  • Lifespan - 1583 - 1625

  • Born: Oxford, England
  • Died: Orlando Gibbons died at Canterbury
  • Family connections of Orlando Gibbons -
  • Education - degree of Bachelor of Music at Cambridge
  • Career - Composer and Musician
  • Famous for : Orlando Gibbons was the leading English composer of his generation. He held positions as Organist of the Royal Chapel and finally organist at Westminster Abbey. Gibbons is also well-known for his sacred choral music, hymns and anthems.
  • Composed The Silver Swanne Madrigal
  • Character of Orlando Gibbons : Imaginative and eccentric

Short Biography, Timeline, Facts & History about the life of Orlando Gibbons - Composer and Musician
The Elizabethan Golden Age saw the emergence of the Anthem, the Madrigal, the Masque, the Theatre and the Opera and the emergence of new English music schools. The following are additional facts about the bio, timeline, life and history of Orlando Gibbons:

  • 1583: Orlando Gibbons was baptised December 25, 1583
  • 1596: Orlando Gibbons sang in the choir of King's College, Cambridge
  • 1606: Orlando Gibbons achieved the degree of Bachelor of Music at Cambridge
  • 1607: Appointed a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal by James I
  • 1623: Organist at Westminster Abbey
  • 1625 June 5: Orlando Gibbons died in Canterbury. A monument was built for him at Canterbury Cathedral
  • Orlando Gibbons was referred to as a member of the English Madrigal School
  • Works by Orlando Gibbons:
    • Anthems
    • Masses
    • Grounds
    • Madrigals
    • Pavans
    • Galiards
    • Almans
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