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Short Biography of the life of John Dowland - Composer and Musician
The following biography information provides basic facts about the life John Dowland:

  • Nationality - English
  • Lifespan - 1563-1626
  • Born: London

  • Married: Name of wife unknown. He was the father of Robert Dowland
  • Died: John Dowland died in London on 1626 February 20
    Family connections of John Dowland -
  • Education - Bachelor of Music from Christ Church, Oxford
  • Religion - Catholic
  • Career - Musician and Composer
  • Dowland was referred to as a member of the English Madrigal School
  • Famous for : Lachrimae or Seaven Teares Figured in Seaven Passionate Pavans, a set of seven for five viols and lute. He is best known today for his song "Flow, my tears". Dowland wrote Fantasias, and dance-movements, including Pavanes, Galliards, Almains and Jigs.

Short Biography, Timeline, Facts & History about the life of John Dowland - Composer and Musician
Elizabethan Musicians composed music for musical instruments and the voice. The Elizabethan Golden Age saw the emergence of the Anthem, the Madrigal, the Masque, the Theatre and the Opera and the emergence of new English music schools.

The following are additional facts about the bio, timeline, life and history of John Dowland:

  • 1563: John Dowland was born
  • 1580: John Dowland spent four years at the court of France with the English ambassadors
  • 1586: John Dowland married
  • 1588: Received Bachelor of Music from Christ Church, Oxford
  • 1594: Travelled to Rome taking lessons with the famous musician Luca Marenzio. He then travelled around Italy and went to Germany working for the Duke of Brunswick
  • Dowland then worked at the court of King Christian IV of Denmark
  • 1597: John Dowland was principally a composer of lute-songs and published his first collection of airs in this year - First book of ayres for voice & lute
  • 1600 Second book of ayres for voice & lute
  • 1603 Third book of ayres for voice & lute
  • 1604 Lachrimae or seven tearese
  • 1608: Returned to England
  • 1612: John Dowland secured a post as one of King James I of England's lutenists
  • 1612: Published A Pilgrimes Solace - a collection of works for voice and lute
  • John Dowland performed during the funeral ceremonies of King James I
  • 1626 February 20: John Dowland died and the "Doctor of Music" was buried at St Anne, Blackfriars, on February 20, 1626
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