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Interesting Facts about Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth Ist

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Interesting Facts about Queen Elizabeth I

There are many interesting facts that surround the life of Queen Elizabeth I - some are based on facts and some are based on fiction. Some are interesting facts, some are strange facts and some are down right weird facts. The Virgin Queen was interesting. Check out our Top 10 Facts on Queen Elizabeth I.


  • Trivia Fact 1 - Queen Elizabeth I was born 7 September 1533 at Greenwich Palace
  • Trivia Fact 2 - The Father of Queen Elizabeth I was the nororious King Henry VIII
  • Trivia Fact 3 - The Mother of Queen Elizabeth I was Anne Boleyn
  • Trivia Fact 4 - Queen Elizabeth I Died on 24 March 1603 (of blood poisoning) - she was nearly70 years of age
  • Trivia Fact 5 - Queen Elizabeth I Reigned for 45 years from 1558 - 1603
  • Trivia Fact 6 - Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was accused of adultery and incest ( with her brother George Boleyn) and was beheaded at the Tower of London
  • Trivia Fact 7 - Princess Elizabeth lived with her stepmother Katharine Parr and her husband Thomas Seymour - she was sent away in disgrace amid rumours that she was having an affair with Seymour.
  • Trivia Fact 8 - Scandal followed Queen Elizabeth I when Amy Robsart, the wife of her favourite courtier Robert Dudley (some say lover) was found dead at the foot of her stairs - Dudley was suspected or arranging her murder so that he would be free to marry Queen Elizabeth
  • Trivia Fact 9 - Queen Elizabeth almost died of Smallpox in 1562 and was left with scars on her face - these were covered with the heavy white make-up which was fashionable at the time
  • Trivia Fact 10 - She never met her cousin and rival, Mary Queen of Scots, although she was imprisoned in England for many years
Queen Elizabeth I
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