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Inigo Jones

Picture of Inigo Jones

Picture of Inigo Jones

Short Biography of the life of Inigo Jones - Architect
The following biography information provides basic facts about the life Inigo Jones:

  • Nationality - English
  • Lifespan - 1573 - 1652

  • Born: Smithfield in London
  • Died: Inigo Jones died
  • Career - Architect, Painter, Stage Designer and King's
  • Famous for : Architecture and designing the Queen's House (16161619) at Greenwich, London. Working with Ben Jonson designing the sets for Jacobean masques

Short Biography, Facts & History about the life of Inigo Jones - Architect
The following are additional facts about the bio, life and history of Inigo Jones:

  • Son of a wealthy cloth maker
  • Travelled to Italy to study architecture, painting and design
  • His most famous work and architecture were:
    • The Queen's House at Greenwich, London (16161619)
    • The Banqueting House at Whitehall Palace (1619)
    • The Queen's Chapel at St. James's Palace (162327)
    • The design of Covent Garden
    • A Roman Catholic chapel at Somerset House
    • His patrons included:
      • King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway
      • King Christian IV's sister, Anne, the Queen of England
      • King James I of England
      • Roger Manners, 5th Earl of Rutland
      • Earl of Arundel
      • King Charles I
      • Queen Henrietta Maria
      • Inigo Jones was not only famous for his work in the field of architecture but was also famous for his pioneering work in the field of Stage Design. His patrons included the Kings and Queens of England who enjoyed the extravagant entertainments at court refereed to as Masques. Inigo Jones worked with Ben Jonson and was was employed to produce lavish sets accompanied by various mechanical devices for the Jacobean masques
      • The English Civil War, and the execution of his patron King Charles I, ended the career of Inigo Jones
      • 1652 - Inigo Jones died at Somerset House
      • Inigo Jones was buried in the Church of St Benet Paul's Wharf, in London
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