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Picture of Henry VIII

The Henry VIII Age - Henry VIII Timeline
This comprehensive Henry VIII Timeline details the major events significant to life of King Henry VIII of England. The timeline commences at the beginning of the Tudor period with the start of the Tudor dynasty and the father of King Henry VIII - Henry Tudor. The timeline then goes on to the children of the first Tudor King - Prince Arthur, Princess Margaret and Prince Henry who became King Henry VIII and the father of Queen Elizabeth I.

King Henry VIII was famous for his six wives and all of these women are detailed in this Henry VIII timeline.  Dates of all of the major events and people who were important to King Henry VIII are detailed in the Henry VIII timeline. Facts and information about the wives of King Henry VIII who  played a major part in the life of King Henry VIII, are found in many entries in the timeline.

King Henry VIII Tudor Timeline
1485 - 15471485: August 22, 1485 - Henry Tudor wins battle of Bosworth becoming Henry VII
Henry VII cemented his succession and settled the friction between the Yorkists and Lancastrians by marrying the Yorkist heir, Elizabeth of York
1486: January 16, 1486 - marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV
September 20, 1486 - Birth of Arthur, Prince of Wales
1491: June 28, 1491 - Birth of Prince Henry, future Henry VIII
1497: August 10, 1497 - Arthur, Prince of Wales is betrothed to Katherine of Aragon
1499: May 19, 1499 - Katherine and Arthur married by Proxy
1501: November 14, 1501 - Katherine of Aragon and Arthur, Prince of Wales marry
1502: April 2, 1502 - Death of Prince Arthur. A papal dispensation was obtained to enable his second son Henry to marry the wife (Katherine of Aragon) of his first son Arthur who had died
1502: Margaret, daughter of Henry VII, marries James IV of Scotland
1503: June 25, 1503 - Katherine betrothed to Prince Henry
1509: June 24 - Accession of King Henry VIII
June 11 - King Henry VIII marries Katherine of Aragon
1513: Katharine of Aragon ruled as regent while Henry was campaigning in France
1516: Queen Mary I "Bloody Mary" (1516 - 1558) born in Greenwich
1517: The Protestant Reformation begins when Martin Luther nails his "95 Theses" against the Catholic practice of selling indulgences, on the church door at Wittenberg
1518: King Henry VIII started his affair with Elizabeth Blount ( 1500-1539) known as Bessie Blount
1519: June 1519 - "Bessie" Blount gives birth to Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond the illegitimate son og King Henry VIII
1520: Field of Cloth of Gold - King Francois I of France meets King Henry VIII but fails to gain his support against Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V
1521: King Henry VIII receives the title "Defender of the Faith" from Pope Leo X for his opposition to Martin Luther
1525: King Henry VIII has a brief affair with Mary Boleyn
1526: March 4 1526 - Mary Boleyn gave birth to a son, called Henry - he was widely assumed to be the son of King Henry VIII although not acknowledged as such.
King Henry VIII becomes totally obsessed with the Katharine of Aragon lady-in-waiting Anne Boleyn with whom he falls madly in love
1529: King Henry VIII dismisses Lord Chancellor Thomas Wolsey for failing to obtain the Pope's consent to his divorce from Catherine of Aragon
1532: Anne Boleyn becomes pregnant
1533: January 25th 1533 Henry married Anne Boleyn and is excommunicated by Pope Clement VII
Queen Elizabeth I, the daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn, is born 7 September 1533
1534: Henry VIII broke with the Church in Rome with the Act of Supremacy, which made the king the head of the Church of England.
1535: Sir Thomas Moore and Bishop Fisher of Rochester were executed for refusing to acknowledge Henry VIII as head of the English Church
King Henry VIII badly injures his leg in a jousting accident
1536: 1536 January 7 - Katharine of Aragon dies at Kimbolton Castle
May 2nd 1536: Anne Boleyn arrested and taken to the Tower
May 15th 1536: Anne Boleyn tried for treason, adultery and incest in the Great Hall of the Tower of London
May 19th 1536: Anne Boleyn executed on Tower Hill. Anne's body and head were buried in an unmarked grave in the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula
Within 24 hours of Anne Boleyn's execution, Jane Seymour and Henry VIII were formally betrothed
30th of May 1536: King Henry and Jane Seymour were married
Dissolution of monasteries in England begins
Wales is incorporated into England
1537: January Seymour dies after the premature birth of a son, the future King Edward VI. Princess Elizabeth and Princess Mary are declared bastards
1540: Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves but the marriage is annulled
July 28th 1540: 49 year old Henry married 19 year old Catherine Howard
1542: 13th February 1542 - Catherine Howard is executed for adultery. The nine-year-old Elizabeth was distraught when her father beheaded Catherine Howard. Catherine was Ann Boleyn's cousin and had been very kind to Elizabeth.
1543: 12th July 1543 - Henry marries Katherine Parr who had a near brush with death when she was linked with 'heretical' religious reformers including Anne Askew
1547: King Henry VIII dies 28 January

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