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Giovanni da Verrazzano

Picture of Giovanni da Verrazzano

Picture of Giovanni da Verrazzano

Short Biography of the life of Giovanni da Verrazzano - Italian Explorer and Navigator
The following biography information provides basic facts about the life Giovanni da Verrazzano:

  • Nationality - Italian who sailed for France
  • Lifespan - 1485 - 1528

  • Family - Noble Italian family
  • Education - Well educated befitting the status of his family
  • Career - Italian Explorer and Navigator
  • Famous for : Exploring the northeast coast of North America from Cape Fear, North Carolina to Maine
  • He also discovered Manhattan and was the first European to enter New York bay

Facts, Timeline & History about the life of Giovanni da Verrazzano - Italian Explorer and Navigator
The following are additional facts and a timeline about the life and history of Giovanni da Verrazzano:

  • 1485: Giovanni da Verrazzano was born in at Val di Greve, near Florence, Italy
  • Giovanni da Verrazzano came from a good Italian family and was a well educated Renaissance man
  • Giovanni da Verrazzano travelled the seas as a pirate, or Privateer sailing for King Francis I of France, attacking ships belonging to the Spanish and the Portuguese
  • 1522: Giovanni da Verrazzano captured a Spanish treasure ship sent from Mexico, by Hernando Cortes, to King Charles V of Spain. The value of gold on the treasure ship was valued at nearly two million dollars
  • 1524 January: Giovanni da Verrazzano was commissioned by Francis I to command a voyage of discovery to the New World
  • His ship was called La Dauphine
  • Giovanni da Verrazzano explored the  coast of North America - Cape Fear, New York Bay, the North Carolina coast, Maine and Nova Scotia
  • He also discovered a "beautiful" harbor naming it Angouleme - it would later be called Manhattan. He set anchor in the the straight between Staten Island and Long Island, where he received a canoe party of Lenape
  • Giovanni da Verrazzano returned to Dieppe in France to report his findings
  • He made two more trips to the New World, including a voyage to Brazil
  • 1527: Giovanni da Verrazzano was apparently captured by his old enemy - the Spanish
  • 1527: Giovanni da Verrazzano was reportedly executed at Puerto del Pico, Spain in November, 1527 for Piracy
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