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Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Picture of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Picture of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Short Biography of the life of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado - Spanish Conquistador and Explorer
The following biography information provides basic facts about the life Francisco Vasquez de Coronado:

  • Nationality - Spanish

  • Lifespan - 1510 - 1554
  • Family - Noble Spanish family
  • Education - Well educated befitting the status of his family
  • Career - Spanish Conquistador and Explorer
  • Famous as : the first European to explore the Southwest of North America in Arizona and New Mexico. He searched for the mythical Seven Cities of Gold - El Dorado

Facts, Timeline & History about the life of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado - Spanish Conquistador and Explorer
The following are additional facts and a timeline about the life and history of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado:

  • 1510: Francisco Vazquez de Coronado was born in Salamanca, Spain
  • 1535: Coronado went to New Spain (Mexico) with Antonio de Mendoza (14901552) the Spanish Viceroy
  • 1537: Coronado had married the wealthy daughter of the colonial treasurer. They had eight children.
  • 1538: Francisco Vazquez de Coronado was made governor of Nueva Galicia
  • 1539: Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza is told of the Seven Cities of gold. The myth is given credence by a Franciscan friar named Marcos de Niza (14951558) who tells of a gleaming city called Cibola that local Indians described as only the smallest of the seven which holds more gold than the Incas
  • 1539: The Viceroy tasks Coronada with searching the South West for Cibola and the Seven Cities of Gold
  • 1540 Feb 23: Francisco Vazquez de Coronado begins his exploration of south-western North America in search of the Seven Cities of Gold
    • The expedition leaves from Compostela (Senora) Fray Marcos accompanies the expedition as a guide
    • Francisco Vazquez de Coronado leads the expedition which consist of 340 Spanish, 300 Indians, 1000 horses, 1000 slaves and six swivel guns indicating that the purpose was to colonise as well as explore
  • 1540 July 7 Battle against the Peublo Indians at Zuni - Coronado is wounded but establishes a base
  • 1540: Francisco Vazquez de Coronado reaches Cibola but it was not El Dorado the gleaming city of wealth described by Fray Marcos. Fray Marcos de Niza was dismissed as guide and sent back in disgrace
  • 1540: An Indian guide, nicknamed the Turk, tells of another rich kingdom called Quivira. Coronado believes yet another myth no doubt fuelled by the fabulous gold and silver which was found in the cities of the Aztecs and the Incas
  • 1541 April 23 Coronado sets out for Quivira
  • 1541 Jun 29 The Spanish explorers cross the Arkansas River
  • 1541: Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado arrives in Kansas in search of gold & silver and reach Quivira. Huge disappointment again when Quivira is found to be no more than a poor indigenous village of the Wichita
  • When no cities of gold are found the Turk confesses under torture that the story was false and he was executed
  • 1541- 1542 Coronado and his Spanish expedition spend the winter on the Rio Grande
  • 1542 April: Francisco Vazquez de Coronado starts the journey home. He had failed to find El Dorado, the Seven Cities of Gold but had made a tremendous voyage of discovery across America. During the expedition his men discovered the Grand Canyon
  • 1542: The Viceroy brands the expedition of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado an abject failure but Coronado retains his post of Governor
  • 1544: Coronada was found guilty of atrocities against Indians and removed from office
  • 1544: Francisco Vasquez de Coronado sent to work in a minor position in Mexico City
  • 1554: Francisco Vasquez de Coronado died September 22, 1554
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