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Famous Pirate Ships

Picture of Pirate Ships

Picture of Pirate Ships

Famous Pirate Ships
The Elizabethan era was the Age of Exploration from which emerged the Famous Pirate Ships and the Golden Age of Pirates. There were different styles and designs of Pirate Ships.

A list of the different types of Pirate Ships were as follows:

  • The Sloop style of Pirate Ships - small ships, 100 tons carried about 75 pirates

    • The Brigantine style of Pirate Ships - 150 tons, carried about 100 pirates
    • The Schooner style of Pirate Ships - 100 tons, carried about 75 pirates
    • The Frigate or the "Man-O-War" style of Pirate Ships - 360 tons carrying about 190 men
    • The Square-Rigger style of Pirate Ships - 90 tons, carried about 70 pirates

Many of the famous Pirate ships were stolen - the pirate captain and crew claiming an enemy ship as their own.

Famous Pirate Ships
The following is a list of Pirate Ships with information regarding the pirates who captained them - Sloops, Schooners, Brigantines, Square-riggers and Frigates were all 'fair game' to pirates.

  • Queen Anne's Revenge: Edward Teach ( Blackbeard )
  • Adventure Galley: Captain Kidd
  • The Revenge: Captain John Gow
  • The William: John Rackham ( Calico Jack ),Anne Bonney & Mary Reade
  • Fancy, Pearl, Victory: Edward England
  • Fancy: Henry Every ( Long Ben )
  • Royal James: Ignatius Pell
  • Royal Fortune, Great Fortune & Great Ranger: Bartholomew Roberts ( Black Bart )
  • Liberty and the Amity: Thomas Tew
  • Delivery: George Lowther Delivery
  • The Rising Sun: William Moody
  • The Ranger : Charles Vane
  • Jacob, Neptune & Margaret: Samuel Burgess

Famous Pirate Ships - The Elizabethan Privateers

Elizabethan Privateers were lawful pirates who were authorised by their government and sovereign to attack the treasure ships of enemy nations. The English government issued ‘letters of marque’ to the famous Elizabethan pirates which licensed these sailors to plunder enemy ships. The 'letters of marque' prevented privateers from being charged with piracy, which was an offence ordinarily punishable by death.

  • Sir Francis Drake: The Pelican, renamed the Golden Hind

  • Sir Walter Raleigh: The Falcon. Donated 'The Ark Royal' to the Navy

  • Sir Richard Hawkins: The Dainty, the Swallow

  • Sir Martin Frobisher: The Gabriel

  • Sir Humphrey Gilbert: Anne Ager, The Raleigh, the Swallow & the Squirrel

  • Sir John Hawkins: The Victory

  • Sir Richard Grenville: The Revenge, Tiger, Roebuck, Lion, Elizabeth, and Dorothy

Famous Pirate Ships
Some interesting facts and information about the Golden Age of Pirates Age and some Famous Pirate Ships. Additional details, facts and information about Pirates in the Age of Exploration can be accessed via the Elizabethan Era Sitemap or the following links:

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