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Elizabethan Times - Elizabethan Politicians
The government of England was led by the famous statesmen and Elizabethan Politicians who advised Queen Elizabeth I. At National level the Elizabethan politicians attended the Privy Council and there were Regional levels such as the Council of the North and the Council of the Marches ( Wales ). At local level there were representatives who attended Parliament and county levels.

The Privy Council consisted of wealthy and powerful nobles together with the highly intelligent men. The Privy Council was ruled by Elizabeth and had less than twenty members. The Privy Council met between 3 and 5 days each week. All were chosen by Queen Elizabeth. Elizabethan Politicians on the Privy Council were responsible for:

  • Elizabethan Economics
  • Foreign Policy
  • Home Policy
  • Religion
  • Security and Military matters
  • People and events in Elizabethan Times

The Government of England also included the Laws of the Land which were implemented at local levels. The most important court was the Star Chamber which consisted of members of the Privy Council and judged the noble and wealthy.

Famous Elizabethan Politicians
The most famous Elizabethan Politicians were:

  • William Cecil ( Queen Elizabeth's first Secretary of State ). William Cecil, (named Lord Burghley in 1571), served Queen Elizabeth as Secretary of State from 1558 to 1572, and as Lord Treasurer from 1572 until he died in 1598.
  • Robert Cecil, the son of William Cecil, acted as a chief envoy
  • Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth's Spy master, was appointed Secretary of State in 1572 when William Cecil was given the role of Lord Treasurer
  • Sir Nicholas Bacon became Keeper of the Privy Seal in 1558 and a member of the Privy Council
  • Francis Bacon, Sir Nicholas Bacon's son, also became Lord Chancellor
  • Sir Francis Knollys, a member of the Privy Council
  • Sir Walter Mildmay, a member of the Privy Council and Chancellor of the Exchequer
William Cecil - Lord Burghley
Robert Cecil
Sir Francis Walsingham
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