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Elizabethan Period

The Elizabethan Period was the age of the Renaissance, of new ideas and new thinking.  The introduction of the printing press during the Renaissance, one of the greatest tools in increasing knowledge and learning, was responsible for the interest in the different sciences and inventions - and the supernatural.

The new ideas, information and increased knowledge about science, technology and astrology led to a renewed interest in the supernatural including witches, witchcraft and ghosts which led to belief in superstitions and the supernatural. Facts about all of these subjects are included in this Elizabethan Period section, the content of each has been summarised on this page.

Witchcraft and Witches in the period
During the Renaissance period people blamed unexplainable events as the work of witches. Women were those most often accused of being witches. The hysteria and paranoia regarding witches which was experienced in Europe did not fully extend to England during this turbulent period. However, Queen Elizabeth I passed a new and harsher witchcraft Law in 1562 leading to witch hunts and the prosecution of witches. Facts, Witchcraft Timeline and information about Witchcraft and Witches in the Renaissance Period.

Superstitions in the Elizabethan Period
Fear of the supernatural and forces of nature or God resulted in the belief of superstitions during the Elizabethan period. Renaissance Superstitions included those related to Witches Sneezing, Eclipse and the 7th son, of a seventh son, Peacock Feathers, Shoes, Spilling Salt and Pepper, Touching wood, Ladders and Black cats. Find out about the strange superstitions of the period, and compare them to the beliefs we have in the modern age.

Astrology in the Renaissance Period
Astrology - the study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs and events. The greatest Astrologers including John Dee. Astrology in the period had culminated in the Renaissance fusion of Christianity, Hermetic Philosophy and its associated 'sciences' of magic, astrology and alchemy.

Science and Technology in the Elizabethan Period
Interesting Facts and information about Renaissance Science and Scientists, the Scientific Renaissance, Copernicus and the Copernican Theory, Galileo, Kepler, Versalius and Harvey. The Scientific Method.

Elizabethan Period Money and Currency
Interesting facts and information about the Money and Currency used during the Elizabethan period. Money and Currency in the Period. Elizabethan Money and Currency 1558 - 1603. History of Coinage - Fineness. The History of the Penny. Units of Currency & Value of Money. Elizabethan Money and Currency - Wages Elizabethan Money and Currency Equivalent to modern day money.

Inventions in the Elizabethan Period
Renaissance & Elizabethan Inventions and Inventors Timeline. Inventions and Inventors of the Renaissance period. Telescope, Pocket Watch, Bottle Beer. Flush Toilet. Thermometer and even the Frozen Chicken. Leonardo da Vinci ,Galileo and Sir John Harrington.

Elizabethan Ghosts in the Elizabethan Period
Interesting Facts and information about Elizabethan Ghosts and hauntings during the Elizabethan Period. Ghosts encountered by Elizabethans. The sories about different ghosts including those of Sir Walter Raleigh and the tragic Lady Jane Grey. Famous haunted English and Welsh Castles. Descriptions of Ghosts. Facts and information about ghosts and their hauntings during the Elizabethan Period.

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