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Elizabethan Insults beginning with the Letter O

The following Elizabethan Insults dictionary contains words and phrases from the plays of William Shakespeare.

O base hungarian wight (The Merry Wives of Windsor)

O curse of marraige, that we can call these delicate creatures ours, and not their appetites (Othello)
O disloyal thing, that shouldst repair my youth, thou heap'st a years age on me (Cymbeline)
O most insatiate and luxurious woman (Titus Andronicus)
O slave, of no more trust than love that's hir'd (Antony & Cleopatra)
O tigers heart wrapped in a woman's hide (Henry VI Part 3)
O you beast, o faithless coward, o dishonest wretch. Wilt thou be made a man out of my vice (Measure for Measure)
O you hard hearts, you cruel men (Julius Caesar)
O, ho, monster (The Tempest)
O, were mine eye bans into bullets turned, that in a rage I might shoot them at your faces (Henry VI Part 1)
Observe him, for the love of mockery (Twelfth Night)
Oh, these deliberate fools (The Merchant of Venice)
On my knee I give heaven thanks that I am not like to thee (King John)
Out of my door, you witch, you hag, you baggage, you polecat, you ronyon (The Merry Wives of Windsor)
Out of my sight, thou dost infect mine eyes (Richard III)
Out, dunghill (King John)

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