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Elizabethan Insults beginning with the Letter F

The following Elizabethan Insults dictionary contains words and phrases from the plays of William Shakespeare.

False of heart, light of ear, bloody of hand, hog in sloth, fox in stealth, wolf in greediness, dog in madness, lion in prey (King Lear)

Falstaff sweats to death and lards the lean earth as he walks along (Henry IV Part 1)
Fie, thou dishonest Satan (Twelfth Night)
Fit to govern, No, not to live (Macbeth)
For anything I know Falstaff shall die of a sweat, unless already he be killed with your hard opinions (Henry IV Part 2)
For I knew the young Count to be dangerous and lascivious boy, who is a whale to virginity, and devours up all the fry it finds (All's well that ends well)
Foul spoken coward, that thund'rest with thy tongue, and with thy weapon nothing dares perform (Titus Andronicus)
Four of his five wits went halting off, and now is the whole man governed with one (Much Ado About Nothing)
Frailty, thy name is woman (Hamlet)
France is a dog hole, and it no more merits the tread of a man's foot (All's well that ends well)
From the extremest upward of thy head to the descent and dust beneath thy foot, a most toad spotted traitor (King Lear)

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