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Elizabethan Insults beginning with the Letter B
The following Elizabethan Insults dictionary contains words and phrases from the plays of William Shakespeare.

Base dunghill villain and mechanical, I'll have thy head (Henry VI Part 2)

Base slave, thy words are blunt, and so art thou (Henry VI Part 2)
Beauforts red sparkling eyes blab his hearts malice, and Suffolks cloudy brew his stormy hate (Henry VI Part 2)
Beg that thou may have leave to hang thyself (The Merchant of Venice)
Bite him to death I prithee (The Tempest)
Bless me, what a fry of fornication is at the door (King Henry VIII)
Boils and plagues plaster you over, that you may be abhorred farther than seen and one infect another against the wind a mile. You souls of geese that bear the shapes of men (Coriolanus)
Both like serpents are, who, though they feed on sweetst flowers, yet they poison breed (Pericles, Prince of Tyre)

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