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Elizabethan Insults beginning with the Letter A

The following Elizabethan Insults dictionary contains words and phrases from the plays of William Shakespeare.

A dog, a cat, a mouse, a rat to scratch a man to death (Romeo and Juliet)

A dwarfish thief (Macbeth)
A fellow of the strangest mind in the world (Twelfth Night)
A fiend like thee might bear my soul to hell (Twelfth Night)
A fool, a coward, one all of luxury, an ass, a madman (Measure for Measure)
A foul and pestilent congregation of vapours. What a piece of work is man. (Hamlet)
A huge translation of hypocrisy, vilely compiled, profound simplicity (Love's Labour Lost)
A knot you are of damned blood suckers (Richard III)
A monster, a very monster in apparel (The Taming of the Shrew)
A most pathetical nit (Love's Labour Lost)
A plague on both your houses (Romeo and Juliet)
A pox damn you, you muddy rascal, is that all the comfort you bring me? (Henry IV Part 2)
A ruffian that will swear, drink, dance, revel the night, rob, murder and commit the oldest of ins the newest kind of ways (Henry IV Part 2)
A slave whose gall coins slanders like a mint (Troilus and Cressida)
A slippery and subtle knave (Othello)
A stony adversary, an inhuman wretch, uncapable of pity, void and empty from any dram of mercy (The Merchant of Venice)
A vain, giddy, shallow, humorous youth (Henry V)
A villain with a smiling cheek, a goodly apple rotten at the heart (The Merchant of Venice)
A whitely wanton with a velvet brow, with two pitch balls stuck in her face for eyes (Love's Labour Lost)
A wholesome jackanapes must take me up for swearing, as if I borrowed mine oaths of him (Cymbeline)
A wonder and a pointing stock to every idle rascal (Henry VI Part 2)
Ah, you whoreson loggerhead, you were born to do me shame (Love's Labour Lost)
All that is within him does condemn itself for being there (Macbeth)
All the infections that the sun sucks up from bogs, fens, flats, on Prospero fall, and make him by inch meal a disease (The Tempest)
Am I your bird?, I mean to shift my bush (The Taming of the Shrew)
An admirable evasion of whore master man, to lay his goatish disposition to the charge of a star (King Lear)
An index and obscure prologue to the history of lust and foul thoughts (Othello)
And in his brain which is as dry as the remainder biscuit after a voyage, he hath strange places (Antony & Cleopatra)
Art thou the slave that with thy breath hast killed (Much Ado About Nothing)
As ass head and a coxcomb and a knave, a thin faced knave and gull (Twelfth Night)
As goodness is poison to your stomach (King Henry VIII)
As I told you always, her beauty and her brain go not together (Cymbeline)
As loathsome as a toad (Titus Andronicus)
Away with those giglets (Measure for Measure)
Away., Thou art poison to my blood (Cymbeline)
Away, you three inch fool (The Taming of the Shrew)

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