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Elizabethan Accessories - a comment dating back to 1583.
During the Elizabethan era pamphlets were printed and distributed commenting on life in Elizabethan England. A writer of one such pamphlet was a well travelled Londoner called Philip Stubbes. He was believed to have been born c1555 and died c1610. He was well educated and attended both Oxford and Cambridge University.

He was also a strict Elizabethan Puritan and held firm views on any social practices which, in his view were, unfitting  true Christians. He named his work " The Anatomie of Abuses " in which he strongly criticised many of the fashions and clothing worn during the Elizabethan era. It was entered in the Stationers' Register on 1 March 1583. This pamphlet includes his view and some valuable information about Elizabethan Accessories.

Gloves"Their hands are covered with their sweet washed gloves, improdered with gold, silver and whatnot; & to such abhomination is it grown, as they must have their looking glassescaryed with them whersoever they go. And good reason, for els how could theysee the devil in them?

And above al things they must have their silk scarffes castabout their faces, and fluttering in the winde, with great tassels at every end,either of gold, silver or silk. But i know wherfor they wil say they weare thesescarfes; namely, to keep them from Sunburning;

When they use to ride abrod, they have invisories, or masks, visors made ofvelvet, wherwith they cover all their faces, having holes made in them againsttheir eyes, whereout they look. So that if a man, that knew not their guise before, should chaunce to meet one of them, he would think hee met a monster or a devil; for face hee can see none, but two brode holes against her eyes with glasses in them.

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