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Elizabeth Bathory

Picture of Elizabeth Bathory

Picture of Elizabeth Bathory

Short Biography of the life of Elizabeth Bathory - Lady Dracula
The following biography information provides basic facts about the life Elizabeth Bathory:

  • Nationality - Hungarian

  • Nickname: The notorious Elizabeth Bathory is also known as Lady Dracula
  • Lifespan - 1560 - 1614
  • Born: August 7, 1560 in modern-day Slovakia
  • Married: Count Ferencz Nadasdy in 1575
  • Spent her early married life living in the home of her husband - Nadasdy Castle in Sarvar, Hungary
  • Count Ferencz Nadasdy took Elizabeth Bathory's surname when they married giving her the full title of Countess Elizabeth Bathory Nadasdy
  • Lady Dracula's Castle: Count Ferencz Nadasdy gave his wife the Countess Elizabeth Bathory Nadasdy Cachtice Castle in modern Slovakia ( then Hungary) together with the adjoining villages
  • Died: Elizabeth Bathory died August 21, 1614
  • Family connections of Elizabeth Bathory - Elizabeth Bathory came from one of the wealthiest families in Transylvania. Father was George/Gyorgy and her mother was Anna Bathory. The brother of Elizabeth’s mother was the Polish king Istvan Bathory (1533-1586) and Elizabeth’s nephew Gabriel Bathory was the ruler of Transylvania
  • Children: Elizabeth Bathory had six children although two children died in infancy. the names of her surviving children were:
    • Anastasia Bathory, born out of wedlock 1574
    • Anna Nadasdy (born c.1585)
    • Katalin (Katherina) Nadasdy (born c.1594)
    • Paul Nadasdy (1598 - 1650)
  • Education - extremely well educated and able to speak several languages
  • Famous for : Countess Elizabeth Bathory Nadasdy ( 1560 - 1614 ) is famous as a real historical figure who was reputed to have not only drunk but bathed in the blood of young virgin girls she murdered in order to retain her youth
  • Character of Elizabeth Bathory : Intelligent, ruthless, vain, cruel and sadistic - probably mentally unstable
Short Biography, Facts & History about the life of Elizabeth Bathory - Lady Dracula
The following are additional facts about the bio, life and history of Elizabeth Bathory:

Legend has it that Countess Elizabeth Bathory Nadasdy discovered her "secret of eternal youth" when some spots of blood from a beaten servant seemed to 'tighten' her skin. She became obsessed with this notion which gave her a perfect excuse to vent her sadistic streak on local teenage peasant women. Countess Elizabeth Bathory Nadasdy was known to torture her victims before bathing in their blood. Her instruments of torture included knives, pincers, needles, razors, red-hot irons and pokers. She is also reputed to have ordered the construction of an iron cage called "Iron Virgin". The "Iron Virgin" was shaped like a woman and fitted with blades, similar to the "Iron Maiden". Countess Elizabeth Bathory Nadasdy was believed to have been responsible for the deaths of over 600 peasant women. She was aided in her crimes by servants including Dorka Szentes, Iloona Joo, Johannes Ujuvary, Anna Darvulia and Damien Thorko. So many complaints were made about the Countess that King Mathias of Hungary sent cousin, Lord Palatine George Thurzo to question her. Her accomplices were sentenced to death but Elizabeth's involvement was 'hushed-up' due her her royal connections. She was quietly left to die in her own castle. The windows and doors of her room were sealed by workmen were sealed leaving just a small hath to pass food to her. Countess Elizabeth Bathory Nadasdy ( Lady Dracula ) died three and a half years later.

Parallels between Elizabeth Bathory and Dracula
Parallels have been made between Countess Elizabeth Bathory Nadasdy and Vlad Dracul (Prince Vlad IV) also called Vlad Dracula meaning Son of the Devil. Vlad Dracul (1431 - 1476) a  was also known by the nickname Vlad the Impaler after impaling his enemies on stakes as a cruel and vicious form of torture and execution. Bram Stoker wrote the famous fictional book he called Dracula which was inspired by the Middle Ages prince from Transylvania who had a lust for blood. There is speculation that Bram Stoker also used the stories about Countess Elizabeth Bathory Nadasdy when writing his book. Prince Vlad IV and Elizabeth Bathory both lived in Transylvania and had a real lust for blood  - there are several other similarities between these two historical figures...

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