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Bisket Cakes Old Elizabethan Dessert Recipe

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To make the best Bisket-Cakes
Take four new laid Eggs, leave out two of the Whites, beat them very well, then put in two spoonfuls of Rose-water, and, beat them very well together, then put in a pound of double refin'd Sugar beaten and searced, and beat them together one hour, then put to them one pound of fine Flour, and still beat them together a good while; then put them upon Plates rubbed over with Butter.

Set the Bisket Cakes into the Oven as fast as you can, and have care you do not bake them too much.

Bisket Cakes Old Elizabethan Dessert Recipe
The above Old dessert recipe for Bisket Cakes is written in totally different way to today's recipe books.

  • There were no lists of ingredients - these were included as part of the text
  • Food and ingredient measurements were extremely basic - quantities were not often specified.
  • Temperature control was difficult and therefore not specified.
  • Cooking times were vague - and left to the cook to decide.
  • It was assumed that the reader would already have some knowledge of cooking

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