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Accomplishments of Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth Ist

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Accomplishments of Queen Elizabeth I
The accomplishments and achievements of Queen Elizabeth I have given her the reputation of the greatest monarch of England. The Elizabethan era is often referred to as the Golden Age. But what did she accomplish which provide her with such a good reputation? What were the achievements of the Virgin Queen?

The Major Accomplishments of Queen Elizabeth I
Some interesting facts and information about the accomplishments and achievements of Queen
Elizabeth I

  • It was a major accomplishment that she ever survived to become Queen of England. Her mother was executed on the charge of Treason, adultery and incest. She was branded a bastard by her father, King Henry VIII. She lost her title of Princess Elizabeth and had to be referred to as Lady Elizabeth.
  • As Princess Elizabeth she survived a scandal concerning herself and Thomas Seymour, the husband of her stepmother Katharine Parr
  • It was a major accomplishment to survive the questioning she endured at the Tower of London when she was imprisoned there by her half-sister Mary Tudor ( aka Mary I & Bloody Mary). She was accused of being involved with the Protestant rebellion, led by Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger
  • She was a very gifted scholar who was an accomplished linguist with the ability to speak several languages including Latin, Greek, French, Spanish and Welsh
  • Her reign witnessed widespread increase in literacy and great achievements in the arts  - great poets and playwrights emerged during her era such as William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser, Christopher Marlowe and Sir Walter Raleigh)
  • The reign of Queen Elizabeth I also saw significant expansion overseas. Great explorers were encouraged such as Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir John Hawkins, Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Richard Greenville
  • The new scientific thinking of the renaissance was encouraged and important men such as Sir Francis Bacon and Dr. John Dee emerged during the Elizabethan era
  • She achieved an excellent reputation as a good and wise ruler, who was truly loved by her people - she was highly accomplished in the art of rhetoric and Public Relations
  • Queen Elizabeth I surrounded herself with highly intelligent and loyal advisors such as Sir William Cecil, Sir Francis Walsingham and  Sir Robert Cecil who gave her sound political advice
  • A major accomplishment was the defeat of the Spanish Armada of 132 by the English fleet of  34 ships and 163 armed merchant vessels under Lord Howard of Effingham, Sir Francis Drake, and Sir John Hawkins
  • The English navy defeated further attempts at invasion in 1596 and 1597
  • Her reign saw several rebellions - from the Irish, “The Rising of the North” and the Essex rebellion - all of which she defeated
  • She survived various Catholic plots and conspiracies such as the Babbington plot involving Mary Queen of Scots
  • She was able to choose excellent advisors and statesmen but was not be dominated by them. Elizabeth was firmly in control of all major policies and England prospered under a stable Government
  • Queen Elizabeth adopted a moderate religious policy. The Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity (1559), the introduction of the Prayer Book of 1559, and the Thirty-Nine Articles (1563) were all Protestant in doctrine, but preserved many traditionally Catholic ceremonies. Although a Protestant she did not persecute Catholics with conviction - she adopted a moderate approach
  • She established Protestantism as the country's religion
  • Queen Elizabeth established the Poor Laws - she achieved a new framework of support for the needy
  • Queen Elizabeth achieved recognition for England as a leading power in Europe
  • Queen Elizabeth I lead England as a woman, in what was very much a man's World, and she did this with courage, intelligence and loyalty to her friends
Queen Elizabeth I
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